Film Studies

Film Studies

Do you know your Kurosawa from your Kubrick? Does the magic of cinema live on long after the final reel? Do you find yourself spotting directorial trademarks or identifying examples of intertextuality? Or do you just love the experience of watching films?

Whether it is Hitchcock’s unsettling shot framing; Kubrick’s minute attention to detail; Tarantino’s shlockfest; Leigh’s grim reality tales; Speilberg’s narrative gift or any film in-between, then the Film Appreciation evening course is for you.

Join other film fans in an opportunity to watch, review, discuss, recommend and enjoy a variety of films that are both familiar and not. Be part of a local film community that can cast a critical eye over some of cinema’s great masterpieces, the best of British cinema past and present, foreign language films and recent Hollywood releases. Broaden your filmic horizons as well as passing on your own recommendations as to what makes a great film.

Course Fee £260            Course Duration (10 weeks)

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