Economics is a useful subject that impacts on many aspects of our lives. Whether it be on a personal level in regard to our earnings, taxes, saving or investment decisions; or on a broader level when assessing wider issues such as the impact of BREXIT or Globalisation.

The aim of the course is to give an overview of both micro and macro economic issues and to look at how you can use economics to help with your personal financial planning and also to learn and interpret broader economic issues.

Some of the key topics to be covered include looking at how markets work, as well as aspects of market failure such as how we can try to curb powerful monopolies to help to create greater competition, income Inequality and reducing environmental damage. Whilst on a macro level we will explore issues such as the implications to UK Economy of leaving the EU and a look at how Globalisation and e commerce has impacted on our lives.

Course Fee £260

Course Duration (10 weeks)

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