Digital Photography

Digital Photography

Are you an aspiring photographer? Or perhaps you are familiar with the basics of digital photography but would like to develop your skills further?  Whether you would like to upgrade your holiday snaps, capture quality portraits of family members, learn more about the technical side of photography or use it as an artistic outlet, we have courses to suit you.

Our experienced photography teachers provide the right mix of guidance, enthusiasm and expertise to allow you to gain technical knowledge, while encouraging you to develop your own objectives and express your own creative ideas.

Courses will cover both theoretical and practical elements, and will encourage the sharing of ideas, experiences and outcomes.

Cameras can be very sophisticated these days, but when coupled with the right knowledge and skillset, a world of opportunity can open up – along with the potential to capture any moment and turn it into a lasting memory (or perhaps even a masterpiece).

Course Fee £280       Practical Fees  £25

Course Duration (7 weeks)

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