Calmer Parenting

Calmer Parenting

We think of childhood as a carefree time, but child-size worries can loom large- for both parents and children. From the tantrums of toddlerhood and the cliques of junior school to the online social world of teens, every child struggles at some point with hurt feelings and difficult friendship issues.

For parents, figuring out how to effectively support their children’s emotional and social development can be challenging at times. Should I give them timeouts? How can I get my children to be kinder to each other? Is it ok for my 10 year old to use Facebook?

How parents answer these and other questions can help their children learn to cope with their feelings and build strong relationships. The skills needed to successfully navigate the classroom, the playground, sports teams, and family relationships are precisely the skills your child will need throughout life, both personally and professionally.

Whether you want to help your child learn how to manage anger, make new friends, resolve conflict, or gain confidence. The course will provide you will practical strategies you can start to use straight away to help you to create a healthy, happy and balanced family life for you and your children.

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